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Teddy Afro's # Ethiopia translated by Al Mariam Translation note

: I admit my translation herein is
imperfect, to say the least. I do not even pretend to
capture Tewdros’ sheer poetic eloquence, brilliant
diction, depth of ideas, powerful expressivity,
unquestioned command of the language, razor-sharp
wit, captivating vivacity and mesmerizing oratorical
prowess. But I make a sincere effort, to the best of my
ability, to present his views with as much fidelity to his
words and what I sincerely believe to be his intentions.
Any errors in translations are exclusively my own.
© Al Mariam
Even if I pass [die] away
My motherland [Ethiopia]
She [remains] is my honor
Indeed, [she is] my [mother] country.
So many have died
Guarding your [her] honor
Against those who have crossed seas
To dishonor you [her].
You are the land of heroes
[Land] Where Adam left his footprints
The fountainhead of Ghion [river mentioned in Ch. 2,
[From where] your name is called out.
Not only those who see your flag waving in the sky
Even those who hear the name “Ethiopia” [dare] keep
Not only those who see your flag waving in the sky
Even those who hear the name “Ethiopia” [dare] keep
With your rainbow [shining]
The sky draped with your flag
Your symbol is imprinted on the palm of the world
And known [even] to Aryam [Ge’ez: sky above all skies,
Mountain [ranges] of high peaks
Have stood guard over you
[From] The peak of mountains
That citadel of Axum, Ethiopia.
You are the gate to Creation
The [beginning] chapter for the round world
If [rainbow] colors are seen across the sky
It is hers [Ethiopia’s] and no one else’s.
Even though the world calls her [Ethiopia] backward
She will be the front runner of the coming age
Just let me repeat her name over and over
Isn’t Ethiopia my own name?
If there is less food [injera] on the table [Ethiopia is
Is it possible to trade one’s [poor] mother for anything
I will hold tight on her skirt
And never give up hope in my mother.
Before [I] finish paying her [Ethiopia] for all her favors
Should not people say [shout out] “Unity” when they
hear [the name] Ethiopia
Ethiopia! Ethiopia! My country!
Isn’t my honor because of you?
You are the seed of Solomon
Tears of the holy ones from which your leaf sprouted
It should be nothing new [not be surprised] today to
Who touched [provoked] you to be burned by the fire
they lit.
Without any limitation to your glory
In the book of your heritage with the history of the
spirit of the ages [written]
The prophets saw you from afar and wrote in their
“Don’t touch Ethiopia!”
In the north
In the south
In the east and in the west
May your bounty be full!
Begone hardship [misery] from the land [Ethiopia]
Let your bounty be full!
Begone hardship [misery] from your land [Ethiopia]
Let your bounty be full!

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