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Ladies: Two Fruits That Increase Your Man’s Performance in the Bedroom and How You Get Satisfaction from Them!




Life is beautiful and the world is wonderful! You can fully see the raving beauty of life and enjoy the wonders of this world when you learn to participate with awareness in the affairs of life and the world. In this life and world, one of the things that has been given to human beings freely is fruits. Fruits do not just provide one’s body with nutritional values that keeps one free from illness and disease, support the immune system, hydrate the body, keeps the body fit and gives the body energy to function. Fruits increase the fertility faculty, giving one what it takes to pay the bills of a lovesome partner’s emotional needs.

The fruits can boost male health in the bedroom. Find out about the fruits below!

Bananas contains bromelain, an enzyme that may increase sex drive and reverse impotence in men. Bananas are high in potassium and riboflavin, which increase the body’s energy levels.

Aside from the suggestive size and shape of bananas, these bright yellow tropical fruits have been shown to be an excellent Superfood for men in the bedroom.

Bananas are a storehouse of nutrients and energy and have even been shown to improve mood, increase oxygen flow throughout the body and improve performance in the bedroom.

Bananas are high in potassium which is good for the heart and nerves.  The tryptophan (building block of serotonin) in bananas has also been shown as a mood enhancer and can also serve as a mild sedative.

Bananas are also rich in magnesium and manganese – two minerals many men are deficient in and necessary for a healthy and fully functional prostate

This Superfood has been known to improve sexual function and performance. Bananas are high in bromelain and b vitamins, both of which have been shown to be potent sexual hormone regulators that can increase sexual desire, sexual function and overall virility.

Eat a banana a few hours before your planned rendezvous. Not only does this bright yellow Superfood offer and excellent energy source to get most of us through an intense exercise, eating a banana can improve mood, increase oxygen flow throughout the body and with the aid of bromelain contained in bananas, even increase libido.

In the same vein, men can boost sex drive avocado. Avocados have long been considered sexual enhancers; the Aztecs used them as sexual stimulants and forbade virgin women from leaving their houses during the avocado harvest in fear that they might become sexually overwhelmed by the powers of the avocado.
This fruit is high in folic acid, which breaks down protein and boosts energy. Avocados contain a good amount of monounsaturated fat – the healthy fat – that is necessary for hormone production. In addition, they’re rich in vitamin B6 and potassium, both of which boost male hormone production and give you enough energy to last in the bedroom.
Are you surprised to read that? Are you wondering how you can get satisfaction from all these? Relax! Just do what you ought to do and give your man a shot in the arms to take banana and pear together before entering the bedroom. Not only do these fruits provide nutrition, they also help boost hormone production, energy levels and sexual desire.
You can have a distinctively different experience and get satisfied the natural way when your man takes these fruits to increase drive and enable performance, boost libido and both of you enjoy obviously good all-round energy during the intimate and satisfying communion.

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