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  • Ethiopian Paralympic runner crossed the finish line with a protest gesture at Rio Paralympics

    An Ethiopian Paralympic runner crossed the finish line with a protest gesture. Ethiopian Paralympic runner Tamiru Demisse crossed his arms above his head in a political protest as he went over the finish line in Rio. Tamiru came in second in his 1500m T13 race for visually impaired runners.

    The gesture refers to protesters from the Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia who have been involved in months of demonstrations as they demand greater political rights. It echoed the one made by compatriot Feyisa Lilesa at the end of the Olympic marathon. 

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  • Feyisa Lilesa: Ethiopian protest runner lands in the US

    Ethiopian Olympian Feyisa Lilesa, who said he wanted to seek asylum after making an anti-government gesture in Rio, has arrived in the US. The marathon runner crossed the line in second place with his arms above his head in solidarity with Oromo activists who are staging protests in Ethiopia.

    He repeated the gesture later at a press conference, saying his life would be in danger if he returned home. The government has been accused of brutally cracking down on protesters. The country's Information Minister Getachew Reda told the BBC at the time that he had nothing to fear and would be welcomed home as a hero.

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  • PM Hailemariam Desalegn sacks Ethiopian Education Minister Shiferaw Shigute - Sept. 5, 2016

    Shiferaw is an executive committee member of EPRDF and former president of SNNP region.


    Shiferaw is the second person to be sacked from Hailemariam's home party SEPDM after the latest EPRDF Council meeting.


    The EPRDF council announced last week a plan to conduct massive "clean up" including its top leadership.

    It appears Hailemariam is setting the tone of the purge by sacking two ministers, who are also two of the 9 top people in SEPDM.

    The EPRDF executive committee consists 36 members drawn from the four member parties. OPDO had sacked one of its executive committee members in June. 
    ANDM and TPLF are expected to follow suit.

    [It is also worth noting that I said Hailemariam would wish to sack Shiferaw Shigute last year this month, ahead of EPRDF Congress]


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