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  • Ethiopia’s addiction to Kana TV

    Broadcast exclusively in the lingua franca of Ethiopia, Kana TV marks a breakthrough in a country where until recently the main alternatives to the drab state-owned terrestrial channels were foreign satellite broadcasters.

    This new free-to-air, private satellite TV channel, bringing international standard programming to Ethiopia’s estimated 4m TV households has seized a 40–50% prime time market share.

    Kana translates as something between taste and flavour – the “proverbial special sauce,” according to cofounder Elias Schulze. “It’s a crazy OPERATION,” Schulze says. “At the beginning it took up to 50 man hours to dub one hour and we had to produce 200 man hours of content every day.”

    So far Kana has dubbed 1,200 hours of content since launching in April 2016, and has recently rented a 1,000-metre-square warehouse for original productions (previously, filming had to be done in places such as the front room of Schulze’s home).

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  • Police helicopter used in hunt for man who 'sexually assaulted cow

    'A police helicopter was scrambled in the hunt for a man believed to have carried out a sex attack on a cow.

    Officers launched a hunt for the suspect, who was reportedly seen "committing a sexual act" on the farm animal in Hertfordshire.

    The man, in his mid-20s, had been spotted interfering with a cow near Denham Way, in Maple Cross, early on Saturday morning.

    But despite the ground search and help of the police helicopter, the suspect was not found.

    Police are CONTINUING to search for the man, who is believed to have carried out the attack at about 7am.
    Inquiries are ongoing and witnesses are being sought.

    Police said the suspect is described as an Asian man in his mid-20s, around 6ft tall and of slim build.

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