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  • Teddy Afro's # Ethiopia translated by Al Mariam Translation note

    : I admit my translation herein is
    imperfect, to say the least. I do not even pretend to
    capture Tewdros’ sheer poetic eloquence, brilliant
    diction, depth of ideas, powerful expressivity,
    unquestioned command of the language, razor-sharp
    wit, captivating vivacity and mesmerizing oratorical
    prowess. But I make a sincere effort, to the best of my
    ability, to present his views with as much fidelity to his
    words and what I sincerely believe to be his intentions.
    Any errors in translations are exclusively my own.
    © Al Mariam
    Even if I pass [die] away
    My motherland [Ethiopia]
    She [remains] is my honor
    Indeed, [she is] my [mother] country.
    So many have died
    Guarding your [her] honor
    Against those who have crossed seas
    To dishonor you [her].
    You are the land of heroes
    [Land] Where Adam left his footprints
    The fountainhead of Ghion [river mentioned in Ch. 2,
    [From where] your name is called out.
    Not only those who see your flag waving in the sky
    Even those who hear the name “Ethiopia” [dare] keep
    Not only those who see your flag waving in the sky
    Even those who hear the name “Ethiopia” [dare] keep
    With your rainbow [shining]
    The sky draped with your flag
    Your symbol is imprinted on the palm of the world
    And known [even] to Aryam [Ge’ez: sky above all skies,
    Mountain [ranges] of high peaks
    Have stood guard over you
    [From] The peak of mountains
    That citadel of Axum, Ethiopia.
    You are the gate to Creation
    The [beginning] chapter for the round world
    If [rainbow] colors are seen across the sky
    It is hers [Ethiopia’s] and no one else’s.
    Even though the world calls her [Ethiopia] backward
    She will be the front runner of the coming age
    Just let me repeat her name over and over
    Isn’t Ethiopia my own name?
    If there is less food [injera] on the table [Ethiopia is
    Is it possible to trade one’s [poor] mother for anything
    I will hold tight on her skirt
    And never give up hope in my mother.
    Before [I] finish paying her [Ethiopia] for all her favors
    Should not people say [shout out] “Unity” when they
    hear [the name] Ethiopia
    Ethiopia! Ethiopia! My country!
    Isn’t my honor because of you?
    You are the seed of Solomon
    Tears of the holy ones from which your leaf sprouted
    It should be nothing new [not be surprised] today to
    Who touched [provoked] you to be burned by the fire
    they lit.
    Without any limitation to your glory
    In the book of your heritage with the history of the
    spirit of the ages [written]
    The prophets saw you from afar and wrote in their
    “Don’t touch Ethiopia!”
    In the north
    In the south
    In the east and in the west
    May your bounty be full!
    Begone hardship [misery] from the land [Ethiopia]
    Let your bounty be full!
    Begone hardship [misery] from your land [Ethiopia]
    Let your bounty be full!

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  • Teddy afro - more than a singer

    The music world has witnessed something strange this month. The Billboard World Albums Chart placed Teddy Afro’s latest album, ‘Ethiopia’ on top of the list and the album has so far sold more than 600,000 copies. Teddy is a talented yet controversial singer as his songs speak louder by going beyond cliché themes and passing messages often interpreted as being political. Teddy uses art as a weapon to advance his message and is a solid figure of his generation who talks about Ethiopian identity and consistently speaks of Ethiopian pride.

    So what is new about Teddy’s latest album? I give particular importance to the way the lyrics are structured. His songs entitled – ‘Mar Eske Tuaf’ and ‘Atse Tewodros’ – with respective beats appealing to traditional Gojam and Gondar singing styles, brought something unprecedented to the Ethiopian music scene – turning a book into a song. Specifically, ‘Mar Eske Tuaf’ summarized the 552-page Amharic masterpiece novel by Haddis Alemayehu, entitled ‘Fiker Eske Mekabir’ (roughly translated as ‘Love unto Crypt’), in seven minutes and twenty seven seconds.

    What makes ‘Mar Eske Tuaf’ special is the idea of turning such a monumental novel in modern Amharic literature into an amazing song. Another astonishing thing about ‘Mar Eske Tuaf’ is that its lyrics are structure in such a way that it is expressive of the novel along with its major characters. Another thing worth mentioning is how Teddy artistically mentioned the names of key figures associated with the novel like the author, Haddis Alemayehu, and Wogayehu Nigatu, who is celebrated for breathing more life to the novel in his narration which repeatedly aired in the 1980s 1990s on the Ethiopian National Radio Service to attract millions of listeners.

    When carefully observing Teddy’s music career it can be noticed that he preaches about unity, love, brotherhood and peace for all Ethiopians. Teddy’s plea for political openness is both timely and appealing. In his recent blog, an Ethiopian academic and social scientist, Fikre Tolossa (Prof.), wrote about Teddy’s musical fame, and concluded that Teddy’s wide-ranging approval came because his songs call for ‘unity of Ethiopians’. Still, the hypothesis of the professor would require further in-depth inquiry or study.

    In his recent interview with the Associated Press (AP), Teddy talked about the political landscape of Ethiopia in the past, present and future. Asked by AP regarding the present Ethiopian political vibe, Teddy Afro replied: “The tendency nowadays in Ethiopia is to mobilize along ethnic lines, not ideas”. What can be taken from of this view is one – a political stand calling for individual freedom. As vivid as we are witnessing today, such a political view has been fading since the year 2005, with some prominent opposition political parties warning that it has been weakening since the past two decades or so. Teddy’s assessment has substance. Many are responding to and/or commenting their inferences in their own ways. The core issue for me is how contradictory or complementary is Teddy’s view to the political goals of the ruling regime, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

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  • EBC Journalist Resigned over Teddy Afro's Interview

    Almost a week after the cancellation of Teddy Afro’s interview, expected to be broadcasted on Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC), Journalist Biruk Endale has officially announced his resignation from the state-owned media.

    “I have officially resigned from EBC,” he wrote on his Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/birukendale). “I and EBC were together for the past four years, with different ups and downs,” wrote Biruk, adding, “But, I was struggling with my conscious mind, especially, following the cancellation of Teddy Afro’s interview”. “And I can’t tolerate that anymore”. Biruk went on saying that, “Cancelation of Teddy Afro’s interview is not just a rejection of an artist, rather, it’s a contempt of journalism, a great profession that many were sacrificed for it”.

    Biruk went on saying that, “Cancelation of Teddy Afro’s interview is not just a rejection of an artist, rather, it’s a contempt of journalism, a great profession that many were sacrificed for it”.

    “I, therefore, resigned to give a respect to the profession,” he firmly announced. He finally thanked all beside of him in different times.

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  • Ethiopia buys 19% stake in Somaliland’s Berbera port deal

    The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo said that he was highly honored for attending the official launching of Berbera Port as a DP World investiture.

    He said that the Berbera Port’s takeover by the DP World to be one of the 78 ports and terminals they ran was indeed a milestone for Somaliland as far as progress and development was concerned.

    The Head of State pointed out since there was a cut-throat competition in the trade sector and that it was incumbent upon him to do what was best for the country as far as foreign investment was concerned hence the steps taken towards the modernization and expansion of Berbera Port, and its management.

    “As the President I have realized this dream of expanding and modernized the port, a fact which will change the lives of many people for the better”, said the President.
    He noted that the steps taken by the DP World will be an impetus to beckon other investment opportunities.
    The Spokesman clarified the fact that the 19% given to the Ethiopian government did not touch on the 35% SL share but the 65% UAE one.

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